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    Whether you know us as liquor license consultants, cannabis licensing consultants or hospitality services consultants, our work, makes your work easier, no matter what you call us.

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We build long-term relationships with owners of BC, Alberta and U.S. businesses through our strategic  hospitality consulting services. Think of our services as the Swiss army knife that does it all, for retail liquor and cannabis businesses that want to help your business achieve success.  


We use our tried and tested methods and experience to search for practical solutions to complex problems. At the same time, we have the guts to go for glory and employ unique and novel solutions, too! We help you establish and/or grow your retail liquor or cannabis business while always keeping our eye on the prize: helping you achieve maximum profitability. We do so while always adhering to your organization’s ethics and core values, as well as our own. 

Much More Than Liquor License Consultants

Meet Rebecca Hardin, President, lead liquor license consultant, cannabis license consultant and mentor to all at RH Hospitality Solutions Inc. ( 


Rebecca learned her trade of BC liquor licensing by working hands-on within the industry both as a multi-unit restaurant owner/operator and adviser in all things liquor, Rebecca is well-versed in commercial real estate services as well as licensing. She provides a personal and collaborative approach to each and every one of her clients. Since 2003, she has built a reputation for “getting s@*t done” by gaining a wealth of experience in all forms of hospitality work; from the front-lines, to license procurement, to operations management and strategy, and everything in between. Rebecca’s one-of-a-kind mix of skills make her an invaluable resource to retail liquor and cannabis sales-focused businesses in BC, Alberta and the U.S.

Hospitality Consulting Services Overview

Hospitality Solutions Inc. is a full-service problem-solving hospitality consulting firm for liquor and cannabis-focused, retail and on-premise businesses. Whether you currently have retail operations or are starting a hospitality business that has a liquor and/or cannabis sales focus, consider us your guide. We have the brains, diligence and experience that gets the job done and sets you up for success.


Our three main areas of service are:

Liquor and cannabis licensing  ♦  Hospitality consulting services  ♦  Operations on-site and strategy    

    We Become An Integral Part of Your Team

    The Business Strategist

    As hospitality services strategists, we avoid the cookie-cutter approach to liquor licensing. In the highly volatile hospitality licensing marketplace (particularly the BC liquor licensing industry) one size and one solution does not fit all. It takes intimate knowledge of the industry and your type of business to get it right, and we do. So, forget the old template where a liquor license consultant guides you through the application process, collects their fee, and waves “buh-bye”, never to be seen or heard from again. The old days of hospitality licensing are fading fast and new opportunities await retail liquor and cannabis businesses who have a mentor that is really there for them, both in the present and for the long haul. Our team is with you every step of the way!

    The Inspirer & Collaborator

    Retail liquor and cannabis businesses aren’t for the faint of heart. You’re in a tough business: tough to manage, tough to make or keep profitable, and tough to grow. BUT so rewarding. We understand your passion, your vision and your goals. Most business owners are ill-equipped to wear all hats required to be successful. They’re frequently strapped for time, short on human resources, or lack our very specific know-how. Our cannabis and liquor license consultants are inspirers, collaborators and educators that are on your side! We are passionate about your success. When we’re not in the ring slugging it out for you, we’re in your corner as coach and collaborator, keeping you from working in your business and guiding you on how to work  your business to further grow your profitability.


    The Creative Disruptor

    There is no joy in being average. Whether we're acting as your your liquor licensing consultant, cannabis licensing consultant or mentor, we don’t shy away from disrupting the status quo when necessary. While we have time-tested methods in our arsenal, we also get in the muck where the action is and solve problems creatively with an inventor’s enthusiasm or a Plan B, C, or Z. 

    The Matchmaker

    We pride ourselves in playing matchmaker for liquor license buyers and sellers, getting to know each party and creating a win-win fit. We boast a high close rate for potential and liquor store transactions, because we do our homework, get to know each person involved, and match buyers and sellers who have common goals and ideals. By doing so, we create an atmosphere of trust and flexibility. Listening is key to the perfect buyer-seller relationship. We hear both sides and always find common ground that facilitates the sale and leads to satisfaction for both parties.

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