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    Our hospitality industry consultants make getting an Alberta liquor license or cannabis license painless. We don’t stop there, though. We help liquor and cannabis retailers flourish!

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If you’re considering applying for a cannabis or liquor license in Alberta, you’ll need a seasoned consultant that understands the ever-changing rules, regulations and policies that may stand between you and license approval. Whether you’re considering opening a retail cannabis or liquor operation or have been in business for awhile, our services help get you started more easily and keep you growing! 

Alberta Liquor Licensing & Retail Strategies

Alberta Liquor License Application Help

Having your Class D Alberta liquor license application approved is the first big hurdle you face when starting a retail liquor business. Navigating the complex Alberta government rules, regulations and liquor license requirements is can be difficult and time consuming if you go it alone. Your application approval depends on a thorough understanding of not only the requirements, but knowledge of what a successful application must consist of, in order to maximize your chances of success.


RH Hospitality Solutions Inc. has provided liquor licensing consulting services for more than 15 years. Our tenacious hospitality services  consultants have the necessary knowledge of licensing requirements and the experience to skillfully navigate the red tape. An ill prepared liquor license application can be costly and time consuming, and in some cases, the end of a business altogether, preventing you from opening your doors after a considerable investment in time, money and emotion. 


Once you’ve obtained a liquor license in Alberta, you must continually safeguard it by ensuring your operation remains compliant, both when licensing requirements change and when the way you operate your business changes. Ultimately, our services help you get a license and keep it, protecting your investment and giving your business every opportunity for success.
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Alberta Retail Cannabis Licensing & Strategy Services

Getting an Alberta retail cannabis license is as complex as getting an Alberta liquor license. It could be argued that it’s more difficult – given the newness of legal recreational cannabis use and sales in Canada. The Alberta government goes to great lengths to screen retail cannabis applications and there is significant political stake in giving the process its full scrutiny. Applicants must undergo background checks, seek municipal approval, meet business requirements, and comply with retail store requirements. The to-do list for a would-be cannabis retailer is lengthy and complicated. Our cannabis licensing consultants protect your sizable investment by ensuring you fulfill licensing requirements both before and after you’ve been awarded a license.

Read more about our Alberta retail cannabis licensing and strategy services. 

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Alcohol Liquor Supplier and Liquor Agency License Help

Liquor manufacturers in Alberta require a Class E license (for distillers, vintners and brewers) to manufacture, blend and package liquor for sale, a Class A license to serve their liquor products on-premise (such as in a restaurant or pub), and a Class D off-sales license to sell their product to buyers who consume it at another location. Our liquor license consulting and operations strategy services help manufacturers obtain the right licenses and optimize their business to increase sales and net profitability. license to sell their product to buyers who consume it at another location. Our liquor license consulting and operations strategy services help manufacturers obtain the right licenses and optimize their business to increase sales and net profitability. 


Alberta liquor agents (who represent a manufacturer) must be licensed to sell, import or export products. We work with liquor agencies to ensure all requirements are met and potential barriers are anticipated and addressed.


We also provide retail liquor licensing and strategy services to BC and the USA.

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Retail Liquor Operations Strategy

Once we’ve helped you obtain an Alberta liquor license, you’ll want to capitalize on it. Our retail operations strategies help liquor retailers maximize profit. Our understanding of store operations, product and in-store promotion best practices can mean the difference between a successful retail operation and one that constantly struggles to stay afloat.


Our Alberta retail liquor strategies include:

 Strategic store layout

Stock selection

Shelf and cooler layout optimization

In-store promotion recommendations

 POS training
Store policy development
Financial proforma
Financial statement review to streamline expenditures 
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