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USA Alcohol License & Bar Consultants

Our USA liquor license and bar consultants take the hassle out of getting an alcohol license.
As members of the National Association of Licensing and Compliance Professionals (NALCP), we are dedicated advocates offering support and services for liquor retailers. We have the strategies you need to succeed. If you are a US company looking to grow into Canada, or a Canadian business operator, looking to grow into the US, our hospitality service consultants can help.   

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If you’re wondering how to get a liquor license in your state, wonder no more. RH Hospitality Solutions Inc. has a track record of securing alcohol license approvals for our clients. Since 2003, we’ve helped hundreds of liquor retailers: as hospitality service consultants, bar consultants and operational strategists. We don’t stop at license approval.  We help liquor retailers prosper over the lifetime of their business. Get our help with restaurant licenses, tavern licenses and beer and wine licenses.

State Alcohol License Applications

If you’ve ever searched for information about how to get a liquor license in the USA, you know it’s complicated. Each state has different licensing rules and regulations and there are many kinds of licenses, depending on how and where you intend to sell liquor. Unfortunately, for retailers and bar owners, there isn’t one federal alcohol license that allows you to operate country wide. You need to apply for a license in each state you wish to do business in.


While you can try “do-it-yourself” online liquor license resources, doing so without the requisite knowledge of requirements and a trained eye for what makes a strong application, can result in application rejection. Alcohol license application failure is both costly and time consuming. It may mean starting over and repaying expensive fees, or worse, result in the end of your business altogether. Our liquor license consultants take on the burden of the application process to increase the chances that your liquor license is approved. 

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Retail Liquor Strategy & Bar Consulting

Once we’ve helped secure your retail liquor license, you’ll need to keep it in good standing for as long as you own your business. You’ll also want to employ strategies that help you get the most out of this alcohol license that is the key to your business. Our hospital service consultants provide liquor retail and bar consulting services that will give you the know-how you need to maximize profitability. 

Our strategy services help you with:

Store setup and layout

Liquor Inventory Selection

Shelf and cooler display optimization

POS Training

Product audits and financial proformas

License re-application and updates

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US Liquor Manufacturing Licensing

Liquor manufacturers must also apply for a liquor license, but they do so at the federal level.  The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) oversees alcohol licenses for producers and manufacturers (distilleries, breweries and wineries), importers, exporters and wholesalers. As with all USA alcohol licenses, there are numerous requirements that must be met to earn alcohol license approval. For example, a brewery or brew pub must submit approximately 14 documents ranging from articles of incorporation or articles of organization, lease agreements or articles of ownership, brewery diagrams, source of funds, and a brewer’s bond - to name just a few. You can see exactly what documents to submit by visiting the TTB Permits Online Required Documents selector. Failure to provide all documents, inconsistencies in documentation, issues with brewery layouts and myriad other requirements issues will result in application denial.


Work with our USA alcohol license consultants to streamline the application process and help secure your license approval.

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We also provide liquor licensing in BC and Alberta, Canada.