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    Whether you need a liquor license in BC, a cannabis license or retail strategy services, you’ve come to the right place. Our hospitality licensing and operational consulting services are a winning combination that leads to success.

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Our knowledge of BC liquor license applications, retail cannabis licensing, and operational strategy and planning make us the one-stop hospitality consulting service for retailers, manufacturers, liquor agents, importers and exporters. We don’t just make recommendations and walk away. We implement them for you step-by-step and can work with you and your team for as long as you need.


Since 2003, we’ve earned a reputation for delivering results for our clients, from license application approvals to operational strategies that increase profitability. 

BC Liquor Licensing & Retail Strategy Services

BC Liquor License Application Help

Obtaining (and maintaining) a liquor license in BC is not as easy as one would hope. You need a skilled consultant and mentor that is well-versed in BC liquor licensing rules and regulations and understands how to identify application and operational red flags that will result in an application delays and possible terminations.


A BC liquor license application isn’t simply a form that you fill out and mail in. The application process is arduous and includes a laundry-list of requirements, from background information on business owners and partners, municipal licensing and building codes, right down to your business’s floor plan. Failure to fulfill just one requirement can result in extreme delays and possible rejection of your license application.


Businesses owners that get it wrong have two choices: give up, or, start the costly process all over again. Our BC liquor licensing services streamline the process and increase the chances of your application approval. We’ll also help you keep your license in good standing by ensuring that any changes to your operation do not cause a compliance and enforcement issue. This misfortune frequently occurs because of a business owner’s lack of understanding of the “fine print”. Getting a liquor license in BC or a cannabis license is tough enough but maintaining your license can be equally difficult without the right expertise to back you up.

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Retail Liquor Strategy

Once you have your license, our retail operations strategy consulting will help you maintain that license and get the most out of it, by helping with:

 Product Selection

Floor plans

Display and cooler layout

In-store marketing planning and promotion setup

POS setup and training

Policy and procedures recommendations

Proforma financials to evaluate current and projected sales

License change applications

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BC Cannabis licensing

BC Retail Cannabis Licensing & Strategy Services

Retail cannabis licensing is as equally complex as liquor licensing in BC. Retailers must fulfill numerous strict requirements to this new an emerging market, including background checks, floor layout, detailed security and storage plans, municipal licensing and land use requirements and more. 

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Buying and selling BC Liquor Stores

Manufactures, Agents, Importers and Exporters

If you want to manufacture liquor in BC as a vintner, micro-brewer or distiller; import or export alcohol; or represent a manufacturer (act as an agent); a license is required. License application approval depends on vast knowledge of frequently-changing licensing requirements, attention to detail and an understanding of what an “approval-worthy” licensing bid looks like from the government’s perspective. Working with our liquor licensing consultants allows you to navigate through the complexities and increases the chances of your application being approved. 

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