Rebecca Hardin
If you’re considering starting a liquor business and you’re wondering how to get a liquor license in BC, this article outlines the most important requirements. Read requirements by liquor license type.
BC liquor licensing isn’t as straight forward as some people think. It’s not just a matter of filling out an online application, paying a fee and waiting a couple of weeks. Obtaining a BC liquor license often requires considerable investment in time and money.
Imagine if your retail cannabis license was approved and you built and staffed your store and opened your doors for business. Then, you found out how many bricks-and-mortar and online cannabis stores are operating illegally and with seeming impunity.
If you want to open a private liquor store, known as a License Retail Store License (LRS) or wine store in BC, buying a liquor license from an existing establishment is currently your only option.
If you run a hotel, or plan to open a hotel, your business will benefit from the services provided by a hospitality industry consultant. Hospitality consultants fulfill an invaluable role for hoteliers, providing licensing knowledge and operational insight.

You may wonder why a non-medical retail cannabis store owner would hire a cannabis license consultant to guide and support their business. Understanding the steps in the cannabis licensing process will likely show the value in doing so.

In this article, we’ll give you a quick primer in federal, provi...

If you’re considering starting a retail cannabis store in BC or Alberta, an experienced cannabis license consultant that’s on your side can protect your considerable investment in time and money.
If you own a private retail liquor store or any private business with a license to sell alcohol, in most cases when you sell the business, you sell the liquor license with it. Find out what to do before you put your liquor license up for sale in BC or Alberta.

If you’re considering opening a non-medical retail cannabis store in Canada, having the guidance of a skilled cannabis license consultant increases the chances of license approval, but more importantly, can help a retailer succeed once the business’s doors are open. Not all consultants are created e...

If you are starting a private retail liquor business in BC, Alberta or the USA, your business’s viability, success and longevity depend on having a relationship with a liquor licensing specialist