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  • Buying & Selling Liquor or Cannabis Licenses

    Looking for a  liquor license for sale?  Selling a cannabis license or liquor license?
    We match liquor and cannabis license sellers with buyers. We’ll find you the perfect fit!

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Successfully buying or selling a liquor or cannabis license depends on matching two parties that have similar goals, values and motivation. RH Hospitality Solutions has an extensive network of licensees and we monitor private retail liquor and cannabis businesses for sale. By vetting both the seller and the buyer, we broker deals that satisfy both parties! 

How Liquor and Cannabis License Sales Work

Let’s say you have a private liquor store for sale in BC, Alberta or the USA. You know you want to sell, but you’re uncertain how you should price your license, whether you should sell just the license or your entire operation, or where to find someone who wants to buy a liquor license. That’s where we come in. We’ll help you make the right decisions that provide the most benefit to you and in an extremely confidential manner.


We’ll draft terms of sale based on both your needs and market benchmarks. Then, we match you with a buyer. While finding a buyer who is motivated and will meet your terms is important, finding the right buyer is vital to a successful sale. In our experience, matching buyers and sellers with similar values tends to lead to a smooth transaction and ultimately a finalized sale.

Who Pays?

We act as a broker on behalf of liquor and cannabis license sellers, who pay us a fee for our services only if we close the deal. This means there is no risk to sellers and we work hard on your behalf to find a serious buyer.


Although we are under contract with the seller, we also provide free advice and recommendations to buyers. The only real difference in the way we work with buyers is that they don’t pay us a fee – ever! (Well, unless you want to hire us for your liquor licensing work after you find that perfect store!) Think of your liquor license or cannabis license as “property” (and they are!). We work much the same way as realtors who are paid a commission by a seller, show their home to buyers, and act as a liaison between the two parties, finding common ground that forms the foundation of an agreement.


Connect with us too, if you have land and building you want to sell as well. While we are not licensed realtors, we can definitely connect you with key partners who specialize in the sale and disposition of hospitality properties including land and building. 

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Buying & Selling Liquor Licenses

If you are buying or selling a liquor license, it’s not as simple as you might think. Canadian provincial and US state governments have regulations about how licenses may be sold and purchased. This means that both the buyer and seller must either have extensive knowledge of the dos and don’ts, or, find a broker, such as RH Hospitality Solutions, that has the experience and know-how to do it right. If you fail to provide information or provide incomplete information, your license transfer will be rejected. This happens frequently to those that try on their own, because the process of buying and selling a liquor license is complex and the list of requirements is lengthy.


Since 2003, we’ve provided BC liquor license consulting and strategy services to hundreds of clients and have successfully brokered dozens of private liquor store sales. We also provide liquor license consulting  services to Alberta  and the USA .

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Buying & Selling Cannabis Licenses

If you want to sell or buy a cannabis license in Canada, the process will likely be much the same as it is for buying or selling liquor licenses. Because private retail cannabis stores are a relatively new hospitality services license category, government frameworks for buying and selling retail cannabis licenses are still in the early stages of development. We expect that regulations will be fully formed soon and that opportunities for cannabis license purchases and sales will become more prevalent. We are closely monitoring BC and Alberta government websites and announcements. 


We don’t provide cannabis license application services in the USA, but we work with US-based companies that want to operate in BC and Alberta. If you would like to buy or sell a cannabis license in BC or Alberta, contact us, we’ll put you on our waiting list.

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