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The retail cannabis industry presents a new and exciting opportunity for hospitality industry businesses in Canada. If you’re interested in starting a retail cannabis business, you’ll need an experienced guide to support your application and ensure you fulfill every requirement. Our retail cannabis license consultants do the hard work for you, reducing the burden and confusion in this often daunting process. Currently, we work with businesses seeking a BC or Alberta retail cannabis license.

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Who Can Sell Retail Cannabis in Canada? 

While cannabis laws are federal, each province and territory decide how retail cannabis is sold. There are three main types of cannabis retailers in Canada: public (government run), private (you!), and online (public or private).

There is still much confusion (and often frustration) caused by provincial retail cannabis sales oversight. Some provinces have opted for a hybrid solution, allowing both public and private retail cannabis stores and online stores. To date, most provinces have opted for government-run online stores only.

View this up-to-date list of permitted cannabis retailers by province and territory.

With such a “mixed-bag” of permissible retailers, you can see why a cannabis license consultant is a necessity. Our consultants help provide clarity and get down in the muck, so you don’t have to! While we can’t guarantee cannabis license application approval, we streamline it and greatly increase your chances of success. We know the rules of each province and territory and have been providing liquor license consulting services since 2003, which makes us highly experienced with government hospitality services licensing rules and requirements.

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Our Retail Cannabis License Application Services

RH Hospitality ) currently provides cannabis license consultation services for BC and Alberta. In BC and Alberta, a private retail cannabis license is currently the only type of license available. Online cannabis retail is government operated in both provinces.

BC Cannabis License Applications

For your BC cannabis license application, you’ll need to submit extensive background information about you, your partners and your operation. These are just a handful of the documents you’ll have to provide.


  • Criminal record check
  • Copy of an agreement to purchase, lease, or sub-let the proposed store location
  • Photos of the store’s exterior
  • Photos of the store’s signage
  • Floor plans including all amenities such as washrooms, entrances, exits, cannabis storage, sales counter and register locations
  • Locations of security cameras
  • Site plan: including the store footprint, locations of other businesses, road access, parking available
  • Documents of organization structure
  • List of key personnel
  • Financials statements and tax filings for the past 3 years
  • Projected financial statements
  • Notice of assessment
  • Funding sources
  • Documentation of debts and loans
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Alberta Cannabis License Applications

Alberta, like BC, has a lengthy list of requirements and documents you must provide, including:


  • Particulars of individuals (directors, shareholders or officers, manager)
  • A detailed floor plan of the premises
  • Site plan of neighbouring businesses
  • Offer to lease
  • Incorporation particulars
  • Shareholding company particulars
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Acquisition of cannabis products form
  • Cannabis licensee acknowledgement and undertaking form
  • Separation of business form
  • Copy of lease agreement or certificate of title
  • Approved development permit
  • Municipal business license and written approval from the municipality
  • Fire approval
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Frequently Asked Questions

What experience do you have with cannabis license applications?

We understand both BC and Alberta government requirements extremely well. Although retail cannabis licensing is new to everyone and there are few cannabis license consultants, RH Hospitality Solutions has provided liquor license consultation and liquor retail strategy since 2003. In BC and Alberta, the same branch of government oversees both liquor and cannabis licensing. In that respect, we are steeped in the language of government licensing requirements. The process and steps we take to address requirements fulfillment are the same, as is our determination and hard work to get you the license you need to get into business!

Why don’t you guarantee cannabis license application approval?

That's simple! No one can guarantee license approval.  If a cannabis license consultant makes that guarantee, run the other way! However, working with us substantially increases your chances of license approval because we leave no stone unturned. If you were to do it yourself, on the other hand, because the list of requirements and the details being complicated, there is a very good chance you’ll miss something. All that’s required for rejection is one small missing piece of the licensing puzzle.

Will you travel to my location?

Absolutely! But it depends on the circumstances. Much of what we do can be done remotely, but we do travel as required to provide the right help for our clients.

I’ve been operating an online medical cannabis store. Can I shut it down and apply for an online retail cannabis license?

In BC and Alberta, the government is legally the only permissible online cannabis retailer.  What we can help you with, is obtaining a retail cannabis license to operate your own store. While it won’t be permitted to sell cannabis online, you do have an opportunity to open your own retail business. 

How much do your BC and Alberta cannabis license application services cost?

Requesta free consultation! Once we know your business needs,  we will estimate the scope of our work and supply you with detailed information and an estimate of all fees you can expect.

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