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    We provide hospitality industry consulting and 

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Our Hospitality Consulting Services

If you run a retail liquor operation, or are considering starting a retail liquor business, we help with liquor license applications and application changes, retail setup, and operations strategy in British Columbia, Alberta and the USA.


If you run a retail cannabis operation or are considering starting a retail cannabis business, we help with retail cannabis license applications and changes, retail setup, and operations strategy in British Columbia and Alberta. 

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​Retail Liquor & Cannabis Consultation FAQ

Will you help us apply for a BC liquor license

Yes, we certainly can help you successfully apply for a BC liquor license. We do much more than that, though. As liquor license consultants, we are also deeply experienced retail liquor operational strategy specialists. If you are looking for a liquor license in BC, you’re in good hands with Rebecca Hardin and her team, because we’ve been working in the BC market since 2003, serving hundreds of successful applicants.  

Will you help us a apply for a BC retail cannabis license?

Absolutely! BC’s cannabis licensing is overseen by the same branch of government that manages liquor licenses: The Liquor & Cannabis Regulation Branch. We understand the workings, rules and regulations of this arm of the provincial government well, working closely with many of its key people, on a daily basis. 

I’m in Alberta, how can you provide liquor and cannabis license consulting from BC?

As consultants, we’re experienced with each province’s liquor and cannabis licensing programs. Provincial governments may have different programs, but they “behave” similarly. We know how to meets the requirements of the folks that check the boxes on your liquor or cannabis license application. We provide our services remotely or in-person, depending on your requirements, timing and budget. We do travel!

I have a business in the USA. Will you provide consulting services to US-based liquor or cannabis retailer?

We don’t provide cannabis license consulting within the US, but we do provide liquor license consulting within the US and are happy to assist US-based companies looking to make a jump into Canada cannabis retailing. Our skills and experience with government licensing rules and regulations translate well across the border. 

I already have a license but would like help with strategy and planning. Can you help?

Yes, we can! Retail cannabis and liquor license consultancy is one pillar of our expertise. We can help with retail store setup, product selection and placement, category management, in-store marketing plans and promotion, and till and staff training. On the financial side of your business, we can provide financial review for current operating stores to review and streamline efficiencies and evaluate the current business value based on industry benchmarks. We also generate proformas for new retail store builds, for those looking to consider a change. 

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