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    Take the guesswork and confusion out of hospitality services licensing and strategies.
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Whether you run a hotel, motel, restaurant, private club or resort, you’ll benefit from the guidance and experience of a hospitality services consultant. From licensing to retail strategy, RH Hospitality Solutions takes the pain out of your licensing and helps you plan your strategy. 

Liquor License Consulting

With liquor sales accounting for a significant portion of hospitality services sales revenue (e.g. roughly 45% for a restaurant and up to 60% for a bar and grill), you can’t afford to take chances with your liquor license application. If you plan on selling alcohol in a private liquor store, it goes without saying that most of your profits depend on a liquor license, as does the very existence of your business! As independent hospitality industry consultants, we will help you streamline the liquor license application  process, greatly increasing the likelihood that you are approved and will help you keep your liquor license in good standing for years to come.

A liquor license is like gold in terms of enabling the success of your business. And like gold, it’s a valuable commodity that can be difficult to obtain, so without the help of someone with years of experience with government licensing requirements, rules and regulations, is really a roll of the dice that could cost you a small fortune. A failed liquor license application means giving up or going through the laborious process all over again. That’s why we exist! Since 2003, our hospitality services consultants have helped hundreds of our clients obtain their liquor license application approvals and have helped them build their business to deliver hospitality services profitably to their clients.

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Retail Cannabis License Consulting

Private retail cannabis licensing is an exciting new investment opportunity for hospitality service businesses. In Canada, most provinces and territories allow government-licensed retail cannabis stores to operate. This new category of hospitality license is in its early stages, with quickly changing rules and regulations but those in the know are already opening across the country. Our consultants can help you get in on the ground floor. We provide retail cannabis license application services for businesses operating in BC and Alberta.

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Hospitality Service License 
Research & Support

If you’re starting a hospitality service business, whether a hotel, motel, restaurant, sports venue, theatre, or tourist attraction, you’ll need food, beverage and other service licenses. At RH Hospitality Solutions, we understand hospitality service license requirements and support your application, doing the time-consuming and often confusing work for you. Whether you’re a start-up or already up and running and considering expanding your business, contact us first! We’ll help you get it right.