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  • Liquor & Cannabis Licensing

    Whether you need liquor consultancy services or a cannabis licensing consultant, our hospitality licensing services streamline license applications, sales and/or purchases. 

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If you’re a would-be, or current liquor or cannabis retailer, our hospitality licensing services can help you apply for, buy or sell a license. Our extensive knowledge of government licensing requirements and our boots-on-the-ground experience working with retailers, buyers and sellers, make us the wise choice for businesses in BC, Alberta and the USA. For more than 15 years, RH Hospitality Solutions has helped hundreds of businesses just like yours! 

Liquor & Cannabis FAQ

Do you guarantee liquor or cannabis license approval?

No Liquor or cannabis licensing consultant can guarantee license approval, although our consultancy services vastly increase the changes of your license approval, as compared to doing it yourself. By working with our hospitality licensing consultants, you reduce the chances of an incomplete license application caused by missing documentation or failure to understand the complexities of liquor and cannabis licensing requirements. 

What locations do you serve?

In Canada, we provide both liquor and cannabis license application support and retail strategy services, and liquor and cannabis license brokerage services. in the USA, we provide liquor license application support and retail liquor strategy consulting. 

What are your qualifications?

Rebecca Hardin, President of RH Hospitality Solutions Inc. and lead hospitality licensing consultant learned her craft in the trenches as a BC liquor license consultant. Since 2003, Rebecca has helped hundreds of businesses with a wide range of hospitality industry licensing services

How much are your consulting fees?

Our hospitality licensing and consulting fees vary widely, because the needs of each business are unique. We'd be happy to provide an estimate once we've consulted with you and can understand your business needs. Please request a free consultation

What kind of retail cannabis and liquor consultancy services do you offer?
We work with would-be and currently operating private retail liquor and cannabis businesses of all sizes from small mom ‘n pop operations to large corporate chains. We help businesses obtain, maintain, buy and sell licenses. We also provide retail strategy services including private liquor store setup, floor planning, till training, in-store marketing and financial insight and operations recommendations
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