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The biggest hurdle faced by liquor retailers is liquor license application approval. If only it were as easy as submitting or mailing one form. Unfortunately, that's not the case. your liquor license approval depends on correctly fulfilling all requirements and understanding what the government looks for before giving an application the green light. RH Hospitality Solutions Inc. has seasoned hospitality industry consultants that will increase your changes of an efficient approval, whether you need liquor licensing in BCAlberta or the USA.

Liquor License Application Process

While liquor license application requirements vary depending on which Canadian province or US state your business will operate in, and the type of liquor license for which you are applying, the fundamentals are similar. Failure to fulfil even one requirement can result in extreme delays, and in some cases, denial of your application. New businesses, as well as businesses trying to maintain their existing license in good standing, risk time and money if they get it wrong. Our liquor license consultants ensure that you have every detail covered to maximize your potential to be approved.


If you’re wondering how to get a liquor license in BC, Alberta or the USA, applications will require various items to make them complete. Depending upon the type of application, some or all of the following may be required:

                • Personal information and history for the owners, officers, directors and/or partners
                • Criminal records check for the owner and/or partners
                • Letter of intent
                • Floor plan and patron capacity
                • Plan that shows locations of various amenities (bathrooms, parking, road access, other liquor retailers operating nearby)
                • Corporate documents
                • Food service details (if applicable)
                • Patio or lounge details (if applicable)
                • Financials and sources of funding
                • Municipal government approval
                • Public notice publication


In addition to the requirements above, owner(s), managers and employees who sell or serve alcohol are required to take responsible server training such as: the Serving it Right self-study course required for all BC liquor license applicants and the ProServe or SellSafe self-study course required for all Alberta liquor license applicants. Many licensing authorities in the USA require similar training, such as Washington State’s Mandatory Alcohol Server Training ( MAST) and California’s Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) Responsible Beverage Service (RBS) Training, which is offered by a number of government-certified private training companies.

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Types of Liquor License Applications

RH Hospitality Solutions helps businesses apply for the following types of liquor licenses:


  • Private liquor store licenses
  • Restaurant, bar (tavern) liquor license
  • Manufacturer’s license (for distilleries, vintners, breweries and/or U-brews)
  • Agent license (An agent is an official representative of a manufacturer)

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What experience do you have helping clients with liquor license applications?

We’ve provided liquor license and strategic consulting services since 2003. Rebecca Hardin, President of RH Hospitality Solutions and lead hospitality industry consultant has helped hundreds of businesses, small and large, apply for and successfully earn liquor license approval.

Do you guarantee application approval?

We can’t guarantee application approval, but we can tell you that our success rate is about 98%. You stand a far better chance when using our services than going it alone. We understand the liquor licensing terrain and we have years of experience working alongside government agencies and advocating on behalf of our clients to find the best solution for your business.

Do you need to travel to my location?

We travel to our client’s place of business when that is the best means of delivering a specific service to help you and your business. In many cases it’s not necessary so we do our best to streamline the process in the most efficient way possible to take the lead on your liquor license applications.

How long does liquor license approval take?

Approval can take several weeks to several months depending on the government’s backlog of applications, the type of license, and whether there are requests for further information or clarity from the licensing authority.

How much do your liquor license application or retail strategy services cost?

Because each business is different, we can’t estimate our service costs until we’ve provided you a thorough complementary consultation.

Will you help me apply for a retail cannabis license?

Yes! We help businesses in BC and Alberta with retail cannabis license applications.

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